Property Clean Up / Hurricane Debris Removal

Damaged Trees After The Hurricane?

Mitch Lawn Service TruckDo you have trees or tree branches that were knocked down during the storm? We can quickly take care of removing these for you and help clear your property of any other debris that found its way to your yard during the hurricane. Whatever the situation requires with the tree or tree branches that are encroaching on your property and your home, we have the team and the equipment necessary to complete a safe and efficient removal of this unwanted debris.

Trash & Debris Removal

Most residents in our Fort Lauderdale neighborhoods and communities do their best to prepare for a hurricane by securing loose objects and items that can turn into projectiles during the storm. However, it is inevitable that there will be trash and debris caught up in the strong winds, and that could very well end up on your property or near your home. Depend on us to take care of the hurricane debris removal and help restore your home and property.  Our team is prepared with the necessary tools and equipment to haul away any unwanted trash.

Damage To Your Home?

satellite image of large hurricaneWe sincerely hope your home or residence remained safe and secure during the storm! However, if you are one of our unfortunate neighbors that did sustain damage to your home then please give us a call at 954-774-5904 so that we can help you with the clean up and removal of all debris ASAP. Our team takes great pride in helping those in the South Florida community recover from disasters. We are ready and waiting to assist you and help in the effort to restore your property.

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