New Sod Installation

Add Property Value & Increase Curb Appeal

With our many years of experience, Mitch Lawn Service is the right choice for your South Florida sod installation project. Our service includes all project phases from planning to pre-treatment to site preparation to installation. During our assessment, we will create a customized plan for your exterior green space.  Once your new lawn is installed, we can recommend an ongoing maintenance schedule and provide advice on taking care of your new grass to keep it lush and healthy.

Fort Lauderdale Lawn Replacement

Mitch Lawn Service TruckWhen replacing your lawn with new Florida sod, there are a lot of variables to consider to ensure the work is completed properly. We take the time to go over everything and adequately prepare the soil surface before installing sod. Give us a call for a free, no obligation quote for laying new sod in your yard. We will meet with you, measure the space, and make recommendations on the best type of sod for your soil surface. We carefully install each piece of sod by hand, water and provide fertilizer to ensure your new grass thrives.

Our sod laying service is professional, affordable and reliable. We look forward to giving you a beautiful green lawn that will increase your property value and add to the beauty of your home!

Call Mitch at 954-773-5904 for a free consultation.

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