Fertilize & Mulch

Control Weeds & Keep Soil Moist

Give your exterior green space that picturesque appearance with fresh mulch to control weeds and help your plants thrive. Mulch offers many benefits to South Florida homeowners. Mulch helps prevent soil evaporation which will help keep your flowers and plants moist – mulched soil will retain about twice as much moisture as bare soil. Mulch also decreases weed growth, making your garden beds easier to keep up with. We offer several different types of mulch to choose from. Mitch and the team will neatly spread the mulch around your flower beds to instantly add curb appeal to your home and keep your plants healthy.

Garden Bed Design & Installation

Ready to add some color and texture to your yard? Let us help you dream up some ideas for a new garden bed.  We’ll make recommendations on the best types of flowers, plants and shrubs to install based on your wishes for your outdoor space.

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