Commercial Tree Trimming & Palm Tree Care

Protect Your Business

Hurricane season is upon us, and the safety and security of your commercial property is of the utmost importance. If you have dangerous trees or tree branches that are encroaching on your property, now is the time to get a professional assessment and develop a plan for action. If you are an apartment or townhouse owner or property manager, make sure that the surrounding grounds and parking areas are safe for your tenants and their property by removing any dead or dying trees now. Don’t wait until disaster strikes and it is too late!

Mitch Lawn Service is licensed, bonded and insured. We take safety and security of your home and property seriously. Our employees are trained to handle even the most precarious of situations, and we’re certain you will be happy with our tree removal and trimming services.

Healthy Trees, Low Fees

If you are looking for a reliable tree service to care for your trees and keep them healthy, give Mitch a call at 954-773-5904 to schedule a consultation. We have the knowledge and expertise to properly maintain your trees and the grounds surrounding them. We will take the time to talk through any issues that may be occurring, and can recommend a maintenance regimen to help resolve any problems. Mitch Lawn Service provides quality tree care at reasonable rates.

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