Commercial Sod Installation

Increase Curb Appeal for your South Florida Business

Treat your customers to a picturesque green space with a lush, healthy lawn as they enter your business.  You only get one chance to make a first impression, why not make it before your patrons even walk through the door.

With our many years of experience, Mitch Lawn Service is the right choice for your South Florida sod installation project. Our service includes all project phases from planning to pre-treatment to site preparation to installation. During our assessment, we will create a customized plan for your exterior green space. Once your new lawn is installed, we can recommend an ongoing maintenance schedule and provide additional advice on taking care of your new grass to keep it lush and healthy.

When you take on a sod installation or replacement project, it is critical that the work is completed properly.  There is a lot more to it than just rolling out the new sod. The soil must be prepared and treated, and once installed the grass must be watered and fertilized for maximum performance. Rest assured that our sod laying service is professional and reliable and will provide you with a beautiful new lawn that will make your business shine!

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